Foot IK solver

    Dynamic repositioning of the feet

    Tests carried out for the dynamic repositioning of the feet on different surfaces, the algorithm calculates the position and rotation of the foot based on the normal resulting from a ray with a vertical path on the surface, the algorithm also recalculates the position of the joints and the hips.

Character controller

    Basic character controller

    Character controller with animation according to movement variables such as speed, direction, energy...
    As for example you can see in the lateral image the landings depend on the altitude of the jump and the movement direction.

Animation lerping and physical movement

    Run animation based on the lerp of poses

    Movement based on a displacement algorithm, part of the algorithm analyzes the displacement to know where the model should be in the walk / run cycle and another part of the algorithm interpolates the animation between preset poses in a parameterized time. This system allows creating animations based on poses which saves the resources of generating animations manually.

Advanced animations

    Complex movements and animations

    Less common behavior tests such as climbing and moving mechanics once in this mode, this example works with pose interpolation so only the selected frames are needed to simulate the complex animation of the entire movement.