In-Gravity Bounce

Android 2D Casual Game This solo project allowed me to explore the 2D part of the Unity engine that I hadn't touched in depth before and strengthen my knowledge of video game publishing on the Google Playe Store platform acquired in my previous project.

I had the opportunity to investigate 2D physics, dynamic rescaling of scenarios for multiple aspect ratios and resolutions and create and implement new systems such as localization, native notifications and a customization system among others.

The game can be played here.


    Some key features created and implemented in this project:

  • - Localization system
  • - Android notifications
  • - Save/Load user preferences
  • - Customization system
  • - IAP and Unity Ads
  • - Analytics
  • - Transitions system
  • - App version check and updates
  • - Internal notifications
  • - Pooling system
  • - Cinemachine tracking
  • - Android reviews requester
  • - Multiple screen resolutions support
  • - Chain 2D physics
  • - 2D shaders and effects

  • * All the UI and art of the project done by me.